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Make Your Corporate Events Marvelous with Specialized Meal Arrangements!

People organize special events such as wedding receptions, graduation parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. They invite the near and dear ones and want to host events in the best possible manner. The decor, lighting, exotic meals, music systems, and other complementary arrangements are critical in organizing a successful event.

Every host pays special attention to the meals and related setups. They may arrange a buffet with or without attendants, a heavy hors d’oeuvre party with professional servers, a gourmet sit-down meal, or opt for meal delivery per the menu. Naples catering services offer all these options besides customization of meals and special chef services.The ambiance and menu of food items vary per the event and the client’s choice. 

Catering For Corporate Events

The people in the corporate world organize annual general meetings, business conferences, boardroom meetings, festival parties, and employee honorary parties. Catering services for corporates in Naples vary from catering services for other special events. They comprise breakfast for early birds, in-between snacks and beverages for boardroom meetings, magnificent fine dining for directors, VVIPs, and special invitees, and cocktail and mocktail bartending. 

Meal Arrangements in Corporate Events

A heavy hors d’oeuvre party with professional servers is an excellent option for catering service for corporates in Naples to treat the dignitaries specifically. Delicious food with elegant presentations is essential in premium corporate events. Following are sumptuous meal options offered by Heather Deckers Catering.

For Breakfast

The standard breakfast menu comprises spinach bacon cheesy quiche, assorted fruit platter and breakfast meats, fresh squeezed orange juice, hot loaded pecan cinnamon rolls, hot beverages – tea and coffee, and water. 

  • The clients can consider the below-mentioned add-ons for breakfast or a healthy snack between meetings,
  • A charcuterie board consisting of cheeses, figs, nuts, fruits, olives, meats, assorted crackers, pickles, red pepper jelly, and jams.
  • Baked brie and fresh raspberries in puff pastry, 
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops with sesame,
  • Cream cheese, bacon, onion stuffed baked mushrooms.
  • Goat cheese and fig balsamic compote in phyllo cups
  • Egg salad on Philo
  • Cucumber sandwiches

For Fine Lunch or Dinner

We create different food stations with or without an attendant for a fulfilling meal,

  • Beef carving station for peeled beef tenderloin made with horseradish cream, glazed heirloom carrots, broccolini, and potatoes
  • Slider station serving burgers, bbq chicken, fried chicken, homemade fries with condiments, tomato, onion, pickles, slaw, and lettuce
  • Seafood station to serve crab, shrimp, scallops, clams, and lobster with warm butter, cocktail sauce, and mignonette sauce
  • Taco stations for tortillas filled with spiced chicken and beef, lettuce, salsa, grilled flank steak, guacamole, sour cream, fresh cilantro, charred pineapples, and refried beans with customization of fillings and tortilla flours

For Dessert

The hosts can choose any of the below-mentioned mouth-watering items in dessert to satiate the craving sweet tooth of the invitees at any time of the day,

  • Vanilla/Chocolate cake pop shooters
  • Assorted Chocolates
  • Brownie with peanut butter mousse and jelly shooters
  • Mini sugar cookie fruit pizza
  • Chocolate tuxedo mousse
  • Cinnamon roll middles
  • Cheesecake filled with strawberries and chocolate drizzles

For Beverages

The client can opt for Stillwater, sparkling, and flavored sparkling water while he has options of white or red wines, beer, and champagne. Heather Deckers offers sweetened or unsweetened iced tea and soda to be all-inclusive.

The items mentioned above are sketchy; the clients have the scope to improvise their menu with us and make their special events splendid indeed with heavy hors d’oeuvre parties with professional servers.

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